Way Out of Line

My romantic suspense novel–Way Out of Line–is in the publishing process and due for release in May, 2011.
I received the ARC–Author’s Review Copy–a couple of weeks ago from my publisher Jude at Uncial Press. I have read it through twice and completed all corrections. It looks wonderful. Jude’s a great editor and I am eternally thankful for the day she accepted the submission of “Redneck P.I.” in 2010. 

I like everything about the novel now in its final state. I wrote it a long time ago and published it through Publish America in 2004. The publishing process was quite different as they did not provide any editing at all. I just had to bumble through the process myself, which I absolutely do not recommend for any author. It is essential to have fresh eyes on the manuscript to pick up errors, and now that I have had a professional editor, I would say that is another essential. The other thing I really didn’t like about the publishing process at that time was the exorbitant retail price Publish America put on the book. 

It always was a great love story with sizzling love scenes mixed with gobs of suspense and nail biting tension, but what I love the most about it is that every time I read the ending, I cry–and I know what’s coming! 

Jude also cried, and she reads several books every day. 

Jude is working on the corrections, and once I get the final ARC I’ll start submitting it to reviewers. I need as many reviews (hopefully positive reviews) as I can get, and I also need quotes to use on the back cover. 

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