Book Trailer

Yay! My book trailer is completed and live on Youtube!
Move your mouse to the right of this text to find the link — Way Out of Line Trailer

I’m lucky I have PowerPoint 2010 now. I had 2007 before, and it did not offer the option to convert the ppt presentation to a video.

I had to search for royalty free pictures, which I found on some Creative Commons sites–where photographers display their pictures and license them for commercial or non-commercial reproduction.

Music for commercial use is also available free. I really wanted something like African drums, and I may change the music score later, but I have not so far been able to find the perfect sound track. I went with again because they offer the best choice and the music is formatted correctly for upload to Youtube. I found free music on other sites but when I tried to insert them into my presentation they were not the correct file type.

I hope it sparks the imagination and makes viewers want to read the book!

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