My Next Novel

Way Out of Line is having all the final formatting done before its release in May. I’ve done all the formatting for CreateSpace for the print version and posted the trailer on Youtube here

The only task I still have to undertake is the cover. I have to decide whether to buy the cover design from my publisher Uncial Press, who only publish e-books, or design my own. I would prefer to have the same cover design but it will depend on the cost.

Kick Assitude, the sequel to Redneck P.I. is with my publisher awaiting review.

Time to start working on To the Limit.(I might change the title). I wrote this first draft several years ago and have forgotten most of it, so I am enjoying re-visiting it and getting it into shape. This is the part I love about writing and I can get lost for hours, totally oblivious of anything going on around me.

This book is about a veterinarian who has moved to a small, remote town in Colorado to escape her violent past. When violence impacts her life again, everything she has worked for will be lost unless she confronts it and faces it head on. Of course there is a very sexy man in the mix–two in this one.

I am thrilled to be writing about one of my greatest loves, horses, dogs and cats. (Kick Assitude also features a dog that rides on Twila’s Harley with her.)

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