Publishing on CreateSpace

To me, CreateSpace has to be the greatest thing that ever happened to writers.

If you want to see your book in print, you don’t have to pay a single penny to publish it on Amazon. Sweat equity–yes. Out of pocket expenses–no.

I’m in the process of preparing the print version of Way Out of Line 
in CreateSpace to publish at the same time it goes live in e-format on Uncial Press — 

This is not the first book I’ve published on CreateSpace, so I know the ropes now. The first step was to  edit and edit and re-check my manuscript until I was as certain as I could be it is error-free.

Signed into CreateSpace, I added Way Out of Line to my list of books and the computer issued the ISBN’s. I can’t figure out why anyone would want a custom ISBN, but the option is there, so I guess some people choose it for whatever reason.

Next, I chose the most popular mass market paperback size recommended on the site, and downloaded the template. It’s imperative you use the template because the margins change in width on each alternate page. I copied and pasted the entire manuscript onto the template.

I added my name and the book’s name to the headers and made certain the page numbers on the footer was correct. I went through the entire manuscript again, making sure every new chapter started in the right place on the page.

I uploaded the manuscript the first time in Word format and CreateSpace converted it into Adobe. The automated checker went through it and found one error. The font I used was not embedded. This was the font on the title page provided by CreateSpace in the template, so I clicked on the link that tells you how to embed the fonts. It didn’t work.

The online proof makes it really easy to spot errors, and I found some.

I have two monitors on my PC, which makes it a lot easier to go through the errors online on the left and correct them in my Word document on the right.

I converted it to pdf before uploading it the next time, thinking maybe the fonts would be embedded if I did it that way. They weren’t, and I had to upload it four times in all, because each time something moved to where it shouldn’t have moved and I had to fix it in Word. The fonts are still not embedded, but the manuscript is uploaded and formatted.

Creating the cover is the next task.

2 thoughts on “Publishing on CreateSpace

  1. I've been pleased with CreateSpace too. Although more copies of I.O.U. Sex have sold as an eBook on Amazon than as a paperback on CreateSpace, it's been great to have that option. In my case, I also put the book on Smashwords, and I believe using their “nuclear” option cleared out a lot of background garbage from Word. It's a time-consuming, detailed process but worth it to create a clean manuscript.

  2. Yes, I used the nuclear option in Smashwords for my non-fiction book and it did the trick. My publisher, Uncial Press handles the fiction e-books.

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