Kick Assitude

I just signed the contract with Uncial Press for my next novel, “Kick Assitude”. Yay!

This is the sequel to Redneck P.I.

Twila is back in her home town Quisby, Alabama, running her own detective agency. Her most pressing mission is to find her mother’s murderers and bring them to justice. Working on a tip, she starts by trying to solve the mystery of the man, known only as “The Drifter”, who hobnobbed with the high society fraternity and frequented the parties at John Quisby’s mansion. Before he was murdered twenty five years previously, he was said to have hidden millions of dollars some place in Quisby.

She is adopted by a dog named Scratch, who rides around with her on her Harley wearing a studded black leather collar, and helps to protect her. Aunt Essie helps her solve a major problem that ultimately leads to the apprehension of the bad guys.

Jimmie-Ray, the man who jilted her and made her distrust all men, comes back into her life and she finds she is still angry with him:-

“The last time I saw you, you were where I like to see you–writhing around on the floor with a ball ache.” I turned away and swallowed all that was left of my beer, annoyed with myself at the strength of my anger.
“Twila, that was a long time ago. It’s time to forgive and forget. Annie and I are not even together anymore.”
I turned and looked him up and down like the piece of trash that he was. Scratch’s hair was standing up on his back and he was growling and showing his teeth. I pulled a couple of twenties out of my backpack and threw them on the counter. “C’mon Scratch, let’s get out of here. The quality of the place just went down.”

And… Twila has another romantic interest in sexy young cowboy, Tanner Ferrano. Does she succumb to his charms or will she stay true to Harland?

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