WAY OUT OF LINE EBook Giveaway

Congrats to Monica, who won an eBook copy of WAY OUT OF LINE. I really hope you enjoy it. Sorry to those who did not win–but here’s another chance.

I’m holding another competition to give away another two eBook copies of WAY OUT OF LINE.

Here’s the info about the book:

Two kids from Texas–a sizzling romance–one stupid mistake. Intrigue, terror and undying love culminate in the vast African Wilderness.
Trent lied about her age. Hal was convicted of statutory rape. Two lives, ruined. Hal never forgets his first love despite a brutal existence in prison, a desperate escape, and a chance for a new life in Africa.
Trent can’t forget Hal, nor can she forgive herself for his fate. She seeks solace and expiation in a religious cult. Her parents kidnap her from the cult to have her deprogrammed, but instead, she is taken by a militant group and held for ransom at their camp in Mozambique, Africa.
Hal and his friend, Demetrio head into the wilderness to rescue her. At the end is violence, death, and maybe another chance for Hal and Trent.

To win, subscribe to this blog, and comment on this post to say you want it. I’ll hold a drawing to determine the winners.

The competition will close on June 21st at 10:00pm Eastern US time, and I’ll announce the winners the following day.


P.S.If you don’t want to enter to win, buy a copy at http://www.uncialpress.com/Way-Out-of-Line.html .

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