In my latest novel, WAY OUT OF LINE, Hal moves to Zimbabwe, in Africa, to hide from the authorities with his friend Demetrio, after they escape from prison in Texas.

He is not really a felon, but was given a very long sentence for statutory rape because Trent’s parents were influential in the community. Just for making love to Trent–the love of his life.

She lied about her age. She was really only fifteen, under the legal age of consent in Texas. She beats herself up about it every day–if only she could have known how severe the consequences would be.

In Zimbabwe, Hal learns about rhino poaching and witchcraft.

This video of a street puppeteer in Zimbabwe is awesome–if they had a talent contest there he would definitely qualify.

Hover your mouse pointer under this text for the link.

Hover your mouse pointer under this text to find out where to buy the book.


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