Guest Blogger Michelle Miles — Paranormal and Fantasy Romance Author

Why I Write Paranormal and Fantasy Romance

by Michelle Miles
I have a confession to make. I didn’t become a voracious reader until I was in my early twenties.
Okay, that’s not exactly true either. I don’t think I was ever a voracious reader.
I chose books that grab me from the first page and don’t let go until the last. I prefer to read series because I like visiting with the same characters, even if the hero/heroine are different. I like being in that world. I’m a picky reader.
But one thing I can definitely say that has always—and will always—capture my imagination are fantasy worlds. I started reading fantasy in high school. I loved (and still do) the books by Patricia McKillip. She has this wonderful way of weaving fantastical stories that draw the reader in and keep the reader guessing. One of my favorites by her is Alphabet of Thorn. I’ve read it over and over.
I can’t say I’ve been writing since I was a kid, scratching out novels in crayon or pencil. I didn’t really get into it until I was well into my teen years and even then, I dabbled. I got away from it for a while in my early twenties and then came back to it again in my late twenties. I started reading again. The first novel I wrote was a fantasy that has yet to see the light of day. It’s still hiding in the dark recesses of my computer.
But my published first book wasn’t in fantasy or paranormal. Not right away. I started with contemporary. Probably because it was easier for me to craft a story in the real world. I hadn’t learned how to worldbuild yet. That would come later. But I did learn how to put together a story and how to write a novel. And, most importantly, how to finish a novel.
I have always loved the fantasy worlds. Creating places from the deepest part of imagination, weaving stories with magic and dragons and romance. Where I can be a fairy princess if I want and let the knight in shining armor rescue me from the clutches of the villain. Okay well not ME exactly. But my heroine. And really, she’s stronger than that. She doesn’t sit around and wait for the hero to save the day. She takes the bull by the horns—or rather the dragon by the wings—and goes after what she wants. She’s not afraid of adventure. She doesn’t shy away from facing death head on. She’s strong and strong-willed.
And that’s why I love writing it. I love being in that world and crafting those stories. It’s definitely by favorite genre to read and write.
Michelle Miles is published in contemporary, fantasy and paranormal romance. You can find her books in print and eBook at Amazon, B&N, and other online retailers. She is the author of the time travel series, The Adventures of Ransom and Fortune, and the fantasy series, Knights in Shining Armor.

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