Kickassitude – First Edit and Twila Gets a Dog

I recently started working on the first edit from my publisher, Uncial Press, on my upcoming sequel to Redneck P.I. which (I think) is very aptly called Kickassitude.

During the writing process, I edited it and re-edited it a gazillion times, but this is different. It is now filled with red ink from my editor, Jude. She is a wonderful person and an excellent editor, and I’ve learned more than I could ever have imagined from her.

The good news for me is–she said it was delightful all the way to the end, and there was a lot less red ink than there was in either of my previous books.

I loved writing this book. Twila is such a wonderful character. She appears to be simple, with her devil may care attitude, but is actually very complex. The more I write about her, the more I learn about her deepest fears and desires.

When I got to the soppy part, I cried, again. I always figure if I can make myself cry, with something I have read so many times, then I’ve done my job as a romance writer.

But… I decided I didn’t like the ending. So, I set about changing it, and I am really jazzed at the way it turned out. I am what is referred to as a “pantser”. I write by the seat of my pants rather than sitting down and planning the story before actually writing it. The new ending just flowed beautifully out of my head. It was all there.

I can’t publish it here–there’s such a huge surprise in it I could never give it away. It even surprised me!! I know my readers will enjoy it.

Here’s a little excerpt about the dog who adopts Twila:

“I can’t say I have ever seen this little guy before. Looks like a Cairn Terrier. Spunky little critters. If you’re gonna keep him you should buy a collar and a leash so you can control him better.”
“Keep him? No, I can’t have a dog,” I said.
“I guess you’ll have to take him to the pound in Grover then. Maybe they’ll be able to find him a home before his ninety days are up.”
I know I looked blank.
“You don’t know, do you? If they haven’t found a home after ninety days they’re euthanized.”
I gasped and looked at the little critter, who was being held tightly by Jared. He dropped his ears down and showed the whites of his eyes. He looked sadder than I could imagine any dog could look. How did he know what we were talking about? 
“They wouldn’t really do that, would they?”
Doc. Zerelda wore a sad expression as she cocked her head. “I’m afraid they do. They can’t keep them indefinitely He looks like he’d be a handful–people don’t usually take to aggressive dogs like him.”
I didn’t have to deliberate for long. “Okay, I guess I’ll have to keep him, then. Where’s that collar and leash?” I couldn’t believe what I was saying.
She led me to the board that displayed an assortment of webbing and leather dog gear. I chose a black leather collar with silver studs and a matching black leather leash. If he was gonna ride around on a Harley he should look the part. They helped me put it on. 

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