I’m happy to announce I’m giving away two print copies of WAY OUT OF LINE on Goodreads. 

Two kids from Texas–a sizzling romance–one stupid mistake. Intrigue, terror and undying love culminate in the vast African wilderness. 

Trent lied about her age. Hal was convicted of statutory rape. Two lives, ruined. Despite a brutal existence in prison, a desperate escape and a chance for a new life in Africa, Hal never forgets his first love. If only there were some way he could return home, return to Trent. Never, warns his wise friend Demetrio, reminding Hal that they are escaped felons, and to be caught is to go back to prison.
Trent can’t forget Hal, nor can she forgive herself for his fate. The future holds no promise, and finally she seeks solace and expiation in a cult calling itself The Church of Hallowed Revelation. Her parents seek to have her deprogrammed, but instead lose her to ruthless kidnappers, who hold her in their African headquarters until her ransom is paid. Seeking a hostage held by a quasi-military faction, Hal and Demetrio head into the wilderness. At the end of their quest is violence, death, and–just perhaps–another chance for Hal and Trent.

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I wish you could all win, but if you don’t, you can always buy it from my publisher, Uncial Press at

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