A Tribute to Mothers

I think most people in the world would agree that mothers are amazing creatures. Their love and sacrifice for their children surpasses all other love.
I just lost my mother, and although she lived on the other side of the world, I will miss so many things about her. I’ll miss her wise advice, her beautiful sense of humor, her knowledge, and her unconditional love.
Most fiction writers know that a mother is someone who makes us what we are, and they include information about their characters’ mothers to help the readers understand them better.  
In Redneck P.I., Twila gets that awful phone call in the middle of the night to tell her that her mother has been murdered. The event changes the course of her life when she decides to make it her mission to find her mother’s killers and bring them to justice. In the sequel, Kickassitude, (to be released in March 2013) she has moved back to her home town and everything she does is meant to lead her closer to the killers.
In Way Out of Line, Hal’s parents have been killed in a car crash, and he is thankful his mother is spared the pain of seeing him go to prison. Trent’s mother is a little overbearing, but only because she loves and wants the best for her teenage daughter. When Trent is kidnapped by a militant group and taken to Africa, her mother never gives up hope that Trent is alive.
In the book I’m currently working on, Impassioned, veterinarian Riley Shaughnessy desperately wishes her mother hadn’t died of cancer so many years previously.
So although it isn’t mother’s day, I salute mothers all over the world. You are amazing creatures.

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