Guest Post and Giveaway Alert!

My Guest Post at


What a cool surprise.

I subscribe to something called Google Alerts, which sends an email to me every day with a link to everything new on the web for my keywords or phrases. Imagine my surprise when the link that came from Google for my key phrase “romantic suspense” was my own guest posting at 

It starts like this:
“I grew up in Africa, and like other fiction authors, I write about things that have made a lasting impression on me, whether they are real or imagined. Something about a place I’ve visited—was it spooky? Did a shiver run through me for no apparent reason when I was there? Maybe it took place in a dream—a romantic tryst with an unbelievably gorgeous man, perhaps… Or was it something sinister I witnessed?”

To read more click on the link below– 
(Hint) It’s a great site if you like reading romantic suspense!

Also, I’m giving away another copy–but just one and it closes in 24 hours.

5 thoughts on “Guest Post and Giveaway Alert!

  1. In the cities it wasn't that different. I do remember going on vacation to a game reserve when I was four. The warden had adopted two orphaned lion cubs and they wandered the camp freely. They were about half grown–a lot bigger than a great dane, and I was really scared of them when they pounced on me. They just wanted to play and didn't hurt me, but it was not a happy experience for a child.

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