Five Star Redneck P.I. Review

Redneck P.I. — Engrossing and Compelling — a Must Read

Trish Jackson pulls out all stops in this fast-paced action and romance thriller, weaving the stories of her characters into perfect unison. Twila, a hard-headed girl from Alabama is no Southern bell transplanted to Boston. She met her match with the private investigator, Harland. What starts as a smoky spark erupts into passion will plenty of villains for the romance mystery reader. Redneck PI is a must read for those who want a book that will keep them turning page after page! Ms Jackson’s novel is a delight for all!

Cynthia B Ainsworthe
IPPY Award-Winning Author, Front Row Center
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Words and Passion 

Thank you Cynthia, I’m thrilled!!

The sequel, Kick Assitude is due for release by my publisher, Uncial Press in March 2013.  

Here’s how it starts:

Kick Assitude

             Strangers who happen to pass through Quisby, Alabama are often heard to express their curiosity about the weathered sign with the faded words “Cyder Hill” still just legible, hanging crookedly on one of the imposing stone pillars. A strong padlock and thick chain bars access through the heavy iron gates.
Their questions always remain unanswered–hanging there like the fog hangs over a swamp on a fall morning…

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