Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

My motto is: Whether the glass is half full or half empty there’s still room for more wine. It doesn’t mean I’m a raging drunk — just that I try to keep a positive outlook, and I like wine anyhow.

Whenever a year is getting close to ending, I look back on the significant events. It helps me to determine my failings and count my blessings.
So here’s my review of 2012:
The Good — Writing: 

 Way Out of Line was released in March. This was my first published novel when Publish America released it in 2003. It was only when I saw it in print that I realized they hadn’t helped me with anything and I needed editing help. So I had to wait seven years to regain my rights, and I submitted it to my publisher Uncial Press. My wonderful editor, Jude wanted to go for it immediately, but some of the other Uncial Press readers didn’t like it because the characters were too ordinary and they felt that readers like super heroes and heroines. I wanted readers to be able to identify with Trent and Hal, rather than envy them, so it was more of a victory than a let down for me. Thanks to Jude, the project was accepted and duly edited and I love the resulting published book. It showed me that anything can be achieved with patience and perseverance.

Kick Assitude, the sequel to Redneck P.I. was accepted right away at about the same time, and Jude said everyone there loved it. I love it too. It had taken me about eight months to write. My only complaint is that it takes so long for a book to be released, and it will only hit the sales racks in March 2013. I’m currently working on the trailer and sending the ARC — Authors Review Copy — to reviewers to get as many reviews as possible.

Capricorn Cravings, my next novel and the first in my “Zodiac Series” where each heroine will belong to a different star sign is now completed. My screenwriter sister, Anne, has just reviewed and edited it, and my veterinarian Tamara White is going through the veterinary procedures to make sure they’re genuinely correct. This was a story I wrote long ago in 2004, and it was interesting for me to see how life has changed since then. I had to update my characters’ cell phone and computer habits as technology has changed a lot since 2004. I am absolutely thrilled with the way it has turned out, and can’t wait for my readers to get it. I know they’ll love it! Although I love my publisher and editor, I would like to find a company who will process it quicker and get it onto the market sooner, so I’ve sent it to a lot of different publishers to see what interest it garners.
The other great thing that happened regarding my writing was the invitation I received from Ken Weene to join a startup Social Marketing Group he was creating for writers. We don’t have a name for our group, but while some have come and gone, and one tragically died, the core members have stuck together and although most of us have never met and we live all over the world, we have become very good friends, almost like a family, and we support one another and assist one another with marketing efforts. WE have a collage with all our pictures on our Pinterest page here: 
The Good — Other
The other blessings that I have given thanks for every day in 2012 are my health and the health of my family and good friends. Physical and mental health cannot be bought. They are, in my opinion, the most valuable thing anyone can possess. (Of course some might argue that I’m not of sound mind!)
Next to health comes love — I am truly blessed with a wonderful supportive husband of 42 years, amazing children and grandchildren, and the most awesome extended family and friends anyone could ever wish for.
Other things I’m so thankful for are that we both have good jobs in a time when many are without work or their businesses are failing. Our home is not fancy, but it’s ours and it’s a roof over our head, when many have lost theirs. Our cars are old but functional when many can no longer afford a car. We have been able to put food on the table through out the year. 
We would love to live closer to our children, but moving has not been an option in 2012. We were lucky enough to be able to fly over to California and spend a few precious days with them. We were also able to fly to South Africa and visit family members and celebrate my mother-in-law’s 93rd birthday with her. We both lost our jobs when the recession first set in and have been through some hard times, and this was the first time we have been able to afford to go back together for seven years. 
We’re even planning to finally allow ourselves the luxury of a flat screen TV in 2013!
The Bad
The only bad thing that happened to me in 2012 was the loss of my darling mother on August 12th. She was 94 and her health was beginning to fail. She passed very peacefully, and I’m thankful for the wonderful time we spent together last year, and all the beautiful memories. I miss her every day, but I know she was ready to go and hopefully is reunited with my father and brother.
The Ugly
The most notable bad things that happened in the USA and the world in 2012 all seem to revolve around guns. My heart goes out to all the victims of the awful massacres that occurred in Colorado, Connecticut and Benghazi to name just a few. One might theorize that if there were no guns, some of those incidents wouldn’t have happened, but I think more people probably lost their lives in car accidents in 2012 than all of those put together, and the families of the victims were probably just as traumatized. Many of those accidents were surely caused by texting while driving or being under the influence of alcohol or some other drug, legal or illegal. One can only hope and pray that the statistics get better in 2013.
I pray for help for all those in ill health or who are suffering in any way, particularly my friend Michael and his family, and K and Stew who are going through hard times.
To all my wonderful readers and subscribers, I hope you have the most fabulous Christmas ever and that 2013 brings you everything you’ve always wished for.
Peace and love.