Review — Four Stars for Kick Assitude

Got my first review for KICK ASSITUDE  this weekend. My thanks to Beth Hoover of Tome Tender for the four stars she gave me!!

Here’s the review:
Rated 4 stars

“Twila Taunton has just moved back to her home town of Quisby, Alabama. She is starting up her own detective agency/ real estate office. Recently having her mother murdered, Twila’s main goal…use her detective skills and discover the murderer’s identity.

Twila and her side kick, Scratch, scour the surrounding areas for clues in the unsolved murder. Her investigation stirs up some trouble and now, her and her family are being threatened…which only tells Twila she’s getting close to the truth.

Somehow each clue that is uncovered leads to multiple murders in this little Alabama town. Facing down unknown assailants, marriage proposals and other propositions…Twila must carefully arrange to keep everyone safe and solve the mystery before someone else is murdered.

Kick Assitude was a fun and enjoyable read. Twila is a self proclaimed “redneck” and watching her navigate through her world was extremely entertaining. No this isn’t one of my normal paranormal reads, although there is talk of ghosts. I really found following Twila through her adventure very pleasurable. Trish Jackson created a strong connection between me the reader and her characters. 

Speaking of characters, I have to say Aunt Essie was brilliant! I’m hoping there will be more fabulous adventures with Twila… especially with that ending!

This copy of Kick Assitude was provided by Trish Jackson in exchange for an honest review. This book will be available in March of 2013.”

Here’s the Link to the interview: 

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