Transatlantic Pot Luck Party

Enter the drawing. You are invited to the party to share recipes and celebrate the release of my next book, romantic comedy KICK ASSITUDE, on March 15th.

My publisher is releasing another romantic comedy on the same day, HAVING A BALL by Rhoda Baxter,  and we have joined forces and we’re holding a joint FaceBook event. Rhoda lives in England, and I live in Florida, USA, hence transatlantic.

Anyone who attends, posts or shares a recipe will be entered into a drawing to win a free download of either book. Here’s the page:

We thought it would be fun if my redneck girl, Twila were to meet up with her very British characters, so we wrote a vignette together called TEA FOR THREE. It’s been published on Smashwords, where you can get a FREE download here:

We think it’s quite funny!

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