Redneck P.I. is Only 99c This Week.

REDNECK P.I. is selling for 99c (or 77p) for this week ONLY (March 8th through 14th).

This is the prequel to Kick Assitude, which is due to be released on March 15th.

“Trish Jackson pens a tale that will have you on the edge of your seat from the suspense when you’re not rolling on the floor laughing out loud. Imagine Twila’s dilemma as she has to chose between two hunks. If that isn’t enough we have pot smoking, hard drinking Aunt Essie and her pet, Piggy Sue. The characters in this tale are unique to say the least. Dialogue and Twila’s introspection into her life and situations is unequaled by other more mundane tales. This is one of those rare books I’ll read again just because it makes me smile so much.

Several murders and some family disputes make for some great sleuthing as we try to solve them before Twila, Horton, and Harland do. None of them are easy to solve and this writer would hazard to guess most readers won’t figure them out before the author is ready to unveil the real villains. If you read for enjoyment like I do this is one of the best of the year. Romance, suspense, and fun fill the pages making it harder to put down than most.” 

Overall rating: FIVE HEARTS
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio

March 4, 2011 

Buy Redneck P.I. now so you know what’s going on when you get the sequel KICK ASSITUDE.

You can get the Kindle version on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.



OR go to my publisher’s site for all other formats 

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