Awesome Reviews for Redneck P.I.

Thank you SO much to Sharon Evans and KropotkinZin (sorry, don’t know your real name) for the GREAT  reviews for Redneck P.I. posted on Amazon and Goodreads.


When I first saw the cover and title of the hardcover version of this book, I couldn’t wait to read it. I knew immediately that it would be funny, and after finally reading the ebook, I was not disappointed.

This book is an absolute scream! Though it’s listed under Romance, I think it should be classified under humor. Detective humor. For those who enjoy fun reads heavily laced with sexual references, this one is for you. If sexual content bothers you, leave it alone. Also, some of the humor, though right on target, is at a rather lowbrow level that may not suit the taste of some. But this book is also very heavy on the suspense, making it an excellent page turner for lovers of mystery and suspense. I really enjoyed the way the multiple layers of plot came in. The protagonist, Twila Taunton, ends up with so many problems-some of her own making-that
as you go along, you wonder what on earth is going to come at her next. I can, in all honesty, say that I had a very hard time putting it down and grabbed a read every chance I could until I was done.

I congratulate author Trish Jackson on her portrayal of modern Southern culture and colloquialisms in such an entertaining fashion. If it were possible, I think that Flannery O’Connor would give her a pat on the back for a job well done. I also like the cover of the ebook. It perfectly suggests the contents of the book to be detective humor with a red neck attitude.

Just FYI: There is a setup for the next case that Twila Taunton must solve, but other than that, you’ll find that the various loose ends are all tied up at the end. So if you love sexy mystery and suspense, and you really need a good laugh, get yourself a copy of Redneck P.I. You’ll be glad y’all did.


It is said that a hallmark of a good book is that it reaches beyond its genre. Here is a book that reaches beyond two genres: the romance and the detective novel. The self-proclaimed “redneck” heroine is not only a fine detective and a fine lover but also a fine comic creation who gently satirises the Yankee culture in which she finds herself. And if that is not enough by way of laughing down stereotypes, in rides Aunt Essie, a hard-drinking, cool-tokin’ geriatric biker: the grandparent you wish you had (or will become). There is more to these ladies than meets the eye, and I hope Trish Jackson will mine their characters further in follow-ups. Right now, I’m looking forward to two things: the sequel and the film. I trust the author has been working on the script.

Authors love good reviews and these two far exceeded my expectations. I’m currently reading Sharon’s book, The After School Murders.

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