A Great Review from Mary Firmin, Author of Deadly Pleasures

What could be better than a hot, handsome guy chasing you? Why, two hot, handsome guys chasing you–and Twila Taunton knew she was a very lucky girl. 

It all started at the company picnic when Harland O’Conner got shot. Like a Good Samaritan, Twila accompanied Harland to the hospital, where she meets hot, handsome man number two, Horton O’Conner.  He is a cop. Well, things progress and Harland allows Twila to help in his P.I. Agency while he is trying to heal from his gunshot wounds. In typical Twila fashion she takes over the company and even takes on new cases, much to Harland’s chagrin. 

Her main focus is trying to find out who shot Harland. To complicate matters even further Twila’s, Great Aunt Essie, along with her pet pig, comes to visit and then moves in; she is determined to help at the P.I. office. 

What follows is a chaotic stream of kidnapping, shots fired, drug manufacturing, and a lot of evil men on the hunt for Twila. But all the while she is trying to decide which one of the Golden Boys she likes the most. 

The author has done a fabulous job of weaving in all the twists and turns, both crime wise and relationship wise. She leaves us all guessing until the very end, and then sets us up so we are dying to read the next book. 

Bravo, Ms. Jackson, this book is edge-of-your-seat exciting, and extremely well written. I really can’t wait for the next one.

Mary Firmin, author, Deadly Pleasures.

Thank you very muc, Mary.

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