Series Pilot — First Page

I’m excited to introduce my new blog series “First Page”. As the name suggests, I’ll be posting the first page of lots of books you may like to read. If the author has done their job right you’ll be hooked.

I’m starting the ball rolling with my own newest release, KICK ASSITUDE.

An unsolved murder, a secret code, a romantic dilemma. All in a day’s work for a redneck P.I. with attitude. 

Small town redneck P.I. Twila Taunton is hell-bent on solving her mother’s murder. Accompanied by her canine companion, she follows the trail of a cold murder case and discovers a secret code on the skeletal remains–Cyder Hill 1952.
Sexy cowboy Tanner Ferrano makes a concerted effort to seduce her and drive a wedge into her relationship with long distance boyfriend, hunky Harland O’Connor.
When hard-drinking, weed-smoking Great Aunt Essie cracks the code, they head to a haunted mansion in the dead of night, mindful of the man-eating wild boars that patrol the grounds…
Twila is not certain whether she’ll succumb to Tanner’s advances or end up rolling in the hay with Harland. She does know one thing, though. It’s gonna be wild and passionate.



Strangers who happened to pass through Quisby, Alabama, were often  heard  to  express  their  curiosity  about  the  property  on  the south road. The weathered sign hung crookedly on one of the imposing stone pillars; the faded words “Cyder Hill” still just legible. A strong padlock and thick chain barred access through the heavy iron gates.
Their questions always remained unanswered—hanging there like the fog hangs over a swamp on a fall morning…


The dog days of summer had drawn to a close, and the slight crispness in the air hinted at a future without heat, humidity and bugs. I stood in the doorway of my new office, watching the sexiest man in the world ride away into the morning mist on his Harley. That I would see him again, I knew for sure, but how soon it would be was not so clear. I had returned to my home town of Quisby, Alabama just a few days ago. Harland and I had ridden here on our Harleys from Boston, Massachusetts, where I had been living for the past year.
A bunch of mixed emotions ran through me. Sadness at seeing Harland go, fear that I had done the wrong thing in letting him go, excitement and anticipation at the prospect of starting my new venture, and an eagerness to bring my mama’s murderer to justice.

            Looking back, I realized this past summer …

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Any writers who want to participate, please contact me at trishjax at yahoo dot com.

4 thoughts on “Series Pilot — First Page

  1. You did a great job on the first page. You've introduced the main character, given the setting, and made me curious about what's going on. Sexiest man in the world? New venture? Mama's murderer? I'm looking forward to reading the book!
    How do I sign up to have the first page of my book included?

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