First Page – Get Down to 150 – Clint Evans

This one is Especially for women – 

Get Down to 150 lives because of a conversation between certified fitness trainer Calvin Barber and nutrition expert Clint Evans. Calvin mentioned “most of my client’s dominant thought is ‘Get Down to 150’. That’s the new benchmark”. So we took that and ran with it creating the book to give you and other women a guidemap to achieve this outcome.

He saunters toward you…then glances down. “Nice. I don’t normally see THOSE jeans except on the catwalk.”
You smile demurely. You think to yourself, I just dipped under 150, even though every fiber of your being cries out, demanding you shout it from the rooftops. If he only knew what you were thinking…Instead of blushing you slyly say, “Like what you see?”
Your goal probably has nothing to do with being a model. But you deserve to be noticed, finally lose the weight with a system that works, sleep soundly and have more energy. Getting into your skinny jeans is just 1 benefit of succeeding in your weight loss journey. You’re becoming healthier at the same time.
You can do this because we’ve laid out the plan for you and provided the support community you need when times get tough. Thank you for committing to go on this journey with us. You’ve made a wise decision to get this simple system.
Now it’s time to imagine a stairwell. I know you probably hate walking up flights of stairs. Like 99.5% of Americans you probably ride the elevator. If only weight loss and a return to optimum health were this easy.
It is simple but not easy. You achieve your health and weight loss goals by taking 1 step up your “health stairwell” at a time. You didn’t fall off the stairwell one day and plummet to overweight status. You took a series of steps that degraded your health and ballooned your weight. Maybe it was neglect or lack of knowledge. Maybe genetics, big bonedness, the corrupted food supply or environmental factors.
Whatever caused your weight gain and past weight loss failures, it no longer matters because your world changes now.
Just this once you can instead visualize your own “health escalator” because…
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7 thoughts on “First Page – Get Down to 150 – Clint Evans

  1. Delinda,

    You're so correct. It's not all the people's fault. There are factors not taught in the education system that are contributing to bulging, heavy waistlines.

    Applied knowledge is power so I wanted to share the exterior forces and interior forces that either contribute to weight gain or contribute to health. Then the reader can decide what outcome she's willing to accept and what behaviors she's willing to replace to get it.

  2. Excellent, Clint. I thoroughly enjoyed this read, and shows a true understanding into the realm of weight loss. You express understanding and compassion. Very refreshing, indeed!

  3. I learned so much from reading your book, Clint! Am happy to have the opportunity to thank you and also thank you Trish for hosting Clint! The wonderful thing about your book is that it makes some mysteries of weight problems totally understandable and you give clear steps to clear the problem and eat healthily.

  4. What a wonderful idea, Trish and a great way to look inside your book, Clint. I needed your book years ago when I went through my own life's weight dilemma. Still have to be careful for it is so easy to put those pounds back on!

  5. Thanks Trish for another great interview post. I read and reviewed Clint's book and I like to refer back to it often to make sure I'm following his program. The exercise section is excellent as well and the book is told in a way that one feels Clint is speaking directly to them–friend to friend. It's one of the best books of it's kind I've read and I think I've probably read them all!

  6. Wise words, Clint. You're bringing renewed hope to many women who thought they'd lost the battle against overweight.
    Trish, thank you for your active part in disseminating this!

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