First Page – The Speed of Dark Horror Anthology

Published by Clayton Bye, the Speed of Dark is a 334 page horror anthology. The short stories are strangely different and disturbing. There are 27 tales written by 19 talented authors from around the world–authors who were included by invitation only. We have done our utmost to provide the horror fan with hours of fantastic reading.

What About Mom?
E. J. Ruek

 A little boy pleads his hope-filled question until Grandpa finally knows the harmful truth.

James Warfield watched his son stalk down the corridor, the sharp click-clicking of his heels puncturing the quiet. The smell of stale beer and cigarettes lingered.
Susan Lee, his secretary, looked toward him, eyes all sympathy. “Everything’s signed,” she said. “I’ll drop the paperwork off at the courthouse myself.”
James nodded, gave her a grateful smile, then retreated back into his office. From the far corner, little Jimmy watched him, his small, thin body stiff and ramrod erect. The child’s hands gripped the arms of a chair that was too big for him, his face stark white with holes for eyes and mouth, a blackened, pulpy bruise ripe upon his cheek. “Do I have to go home?” the boy asked.
“No, you don’t. You’re coming to live with me and Grandma, now.”
“What about Mom?”
James didn’t have the heart to tell the boy. Not yet.
Heavy eyelids made James long for home and a nap, but the day’s appointments denied that solace. He had one in less than twenty minutes, then a lunch date with a new client and her contract negotiator. “I’m going to have Grandma come pick you up,” he said.

8 thoughts on “First Page – The Speed of Dark Horror Anthology

  1. What can I say, but EXCELLENT!!! Since I was a panelist and contributor of two stories in The Speed of Dark, I'm extremely proud to be associated with this fine book and the very talented authors who contributed to this fine collection of short stories.

  2. Nice first page, have the book and will start reading when I can keep my eyes open again, started xarelto rather than Coumadin due to my clotting problem and it is leaving me DEAD TIRED!

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