First Page – Hunter’s Find by June Kramin

     Hunt is a small town Sheriff who finds himself in for more than he bargained for when he discovers Mandy beaten and unconscious. 
After repeated attempts of escaping him, he finds himself now her captive instead. Mandy convinces him she’s after her husband who has kidnapped their daughter and will stop at nothing to find her.
     Although his instincts tell him differently, Hunt becomes involved with her and agrees to help. What he doesn’t know is there is no child. Mandy is hiding her involvement with the FBI and the mob, and after revenge. Hunt is in over his head tracking her husband to the isolated cabin and the backlash it causes a year later.

Chapter 1

     Hunt was walking the few blocks home from the Ace Bar. He’d had a few too many beers, but still held himself well. It was too convenient that he could walk home from the bar without worry of driving while drinking.
     A police car stopped and rolled down the window. “How you doing tonight, Hunt?”
     “Just a little unwinding after a long shift.”
     “You going to make it home?”
     “I’m not that bad off. I only had a few. And you know I only have a block to go, jerkweed.”
     “Jerkweed? Don’t make me go all police brutality on your ass, Blaine.”
     Hunt laughed. “Aren’t you off duty yet?”
     “Had a late bust. You know how I love doing paperwork.”
     “You want to go back to my place for a drink?”
     “You trying to pick me up? Your luck would be better on Third and Market
in the city.”
     “Har de har har. Is that where you’re heading?”
     “Been too long of a day. I’m on my way home.”
     Hunt slapped the side of the police cruiser. “Good night, Roy.”
     The officer slowly pulled away from the curb and flashed his lights as a goodbye. With the brief flash of red, Hunt saw something at the base of the hedge he hadn’t noticed before and rushed over.
     A young woman was laying there unconscious. There was blood trickling from her lip and her shirt was torn badly enough that he could see her lacy bra…
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