First Page – What’s Behind Your Belly Button?

“What’s Behind Your Belly Button?” A Psychological Perspective of the Intelligence of Human Nature and “Gut Instinct”,  by Martha Char Love and Robert W Sterling, a narrative of the maturation of sciences of psychology and neurology, introducing a new Gut Psychology to explore the psychology of intelligence of what science now calls “the second brain” or gut brain.

What’s Behind Your Belly Button?
Martha Char Love
Robert W. Sterling

This book is a work conceived out of the awareness that directions we take in life often are chosen because of the impact on us of external forces. Judgments of authorities, well-meaning counselors, circumstances, and too often crises dictate the roles we play and the characters we assume, which seldom coincide with our inner needs. Time is wasted day after day and energy is dissipated by each of us pretending that we know what is important while within us is the growing feeling of emptiness.
The experience we have obtained interacting with individuals and groups, provides us with a growing awareness that the feelings, which are ordinarily dealt with, are not pure feeling responses. These so-called feelings are instead, a mixture of thinking and feeling, we commonly call emotions. These logical feelings have a curious universality of meaning, even though these feelings are learned in totally different environments.
Seldom are any of us encouraged to learn to take action as children based on feelings. We seem to grow-up physically, schooled to “think for ourselves” about externalities that are usually only vaguely related to our Selves. If there is any reference in our education and experience to inner necessity, other than food, air, and water, it is carefully molded to conform to patterns of acceptability until only vestiges of human instincts are allowed to show. And thus we individually live in fear and guilt, angry that we must deny our organismic feelings and perform in the best way we can, caught between the feeling of need and the judgments of those to whom we want to stay close.

This book was written because of the experience we gained as career counselors trying to reach beneath the …

16 thoughts on “First Page – What’s Behind Your Belly Button?

  1. We have to take care of ourselves not just on the outside, but internally, too. With our daily life, we have to “stop and smell the roses” and remain in-tuned to ourselves. What a deep way to help us describe how we should take a look at ourselves. It keeps us healthy, right?

    Thanks for sharing – Cherrye

  2. Thanks, Cherrye. We found in counseling hundreds of people that while people wanted to make decisions, particularly career ones, that satisfied their inner needs as well outer needs, they often did not have a clue how to begin finding the authentic self within to inform these decisions. So this book is all about our counseling session and techniques that we created to assist people in that journey within and the many surprises we learned ourselves about a new view of human nature.
    Martha Love

  3. One of my favorite pastimes in retirement in getting more in touch with my inner self. I have always responded to my instincts but now more than ever. I especially enjoy the flow of storytelling that occurs when I meditate ever so lightly. I trust the result which always feels right and true and imminently in tune with my inner self and instinct. I love your topic Martha and it needs to be taught in a human relations context to very young children who will then grow up in touch with their instincts.

  4. Am really excited to hear that all of you are personally interested and involved in understanding and following your inner authentic gut feelings and instincts toward health and well-being. It has been my life's work, and I thank you for your participation in commenting.

    Also thank you, Trish, so very much for posting this for me on your beautiful blog.

    Martha Love

  5. Linda, such a great point about your healthy retirement pastime and would make a fascinating study that the aging process as seniors does seem to help us let go of outer world concerns and leads us toward inner reflection. I feel certain that how we go about doing that reflection and the positive results we can get would help our longevity and increasing quality of life as we age, reducing stress and increasing our enjoyment in inner reflecting/meditation.

    I love your idea of teaching to the young child's inner self starting in early years and I think you would find our chapter 10: “A New Image of Human Nature in Education” interesting. My colleague and co-author, Robert Sterling, was on the board of an experimental middle school in the Gainesville, Florida (right there in Trish's neck of the woods) area that was funded by Bill Gates just a few of years ago. He was able to put some of our work in practice on that age level and we were quite encouraged with the results. We think as you that teaching to the inner self-awareness in early childhood education would be optimal and have even included in our book some correspondence with the White House Department of Education on the topic of teaching to the “gut brain” or “second brain” and its affects.

    Thanks again for your comment,
    Martha Love

  6. The result of an occupational hazard, but wouldn't it be kind of a cool fantasy fiction story if someone supposed what society would be like today, if mankind had allowed our instincts & emotions to grow with us? Would we all be a more “sensitive”, possibly even psychic race? Might having gone that way opened a different set of doors in the human mind? Instead, we earthlings tend to fight with our emotions, sometimes so much we become slaves to them; so counter-productive. Interesting stuff there Martha–really got me thinking!

  7. Interesting thought, Anne, please keep working on that storyline! I really like it! Maybe Tolkien? His elves are I think like the evolved, psychic future beings or somewhere between human and angel. Ancient Wisdom Traditions still seem to think we may get there yet. Hard to see exactly from this point in history but if we can think it, imagine it and write it, it could be our future yet.

  8. Martha as you know I have just finished my book that had cause to reach inside myself and reflect on subject matters that I did not care to go. With the aid of your book and the lessons I have learned, it will make the follow up book easier to write. I have always trusted my gut instincts and it is how I have managed to survive many times in my life but your book is helping me understand why.
    I suspect it will also help me get down deeper in memory that my mind has protected me from but those memories that need to surface. My gut tells me that needs to happen yet I have chosen not to listen for the first time ever. I will through your book learn to trust even these instincts due to the well laid out lessons you teach us. Thank you for aiding me with such a difficult task.
    Trish that you for sharing Martha with us all.

  9. Dear Trish, I always love your selection of books to feature on your blog. First of all, the cover on Martha's book should be in MOMA. Two, I had a dear friend who told me I spent too much time comtemplating my belly button. (She was obviously wrong!) Three, I had another friend who told her kids “Don't spend too much time looking for your INNER CHILD, take my word for it, when you find her you won't like her.” There are so many deep inner tragedies buried in my psyche, I have always been afraid to go there. With the help of Martha's brilliant, intuitive book I look forward to this journey. Congratulations Martha, I will run, not walk, to the bookstore. Or, in these modern days meander over to Amazon. Mary Firmin, Deadly Pleasures.

  10. I read and reviewed Martha's incredible book Months ago, and while it held things I knew about myself, it also opened the door to getting rid of a lot of the that gut-wrenching baggage. This is not a book to be read through once, but rather one that I go back to often,–each time finding something I missed the depth of the last time. Like Mary, much hurt and abuse lies within my psyche and Martha's book shows how to recognize it,handle it and let it go.

    Anne, get busy on that story idea with Martha's book as a reference point. Trish, you've picked a winner again. I'm honored to be among so much talent–surely some will rub off on me.

  11. You all already know that I tend to rely on my gut feelings a lot, and I post about them too. It is amazing to see that we all do have a kindred approach in our writing!! Thanks Ms. Trish, as always, loved it and Ms. Martha, I look forward to reading more!!!

  12. Thanks, Trish for this entertaining first page. Martha, you give valuable insight to what most feel and yet ignore. Thanks for such an treat. “What's Behind Your Belly Button” should be on everyone's “must read” list.

  13. Fascinating and intriguing, Martha. Gives one hope in our inner wisdom. Our bodies tell us a lot about ourselves…we just have to learn how to listen attentively. Thanks, Trish, for sharing Martha's first page and Martha, got your book on my wish list!

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