Help Me Create a New Hunky Hero

I love writing romantic suspense, and I’m ecstatic about being able to communicate my love for all things country through my novels.
I write about country folks from small towns, where the pace of life is slower; porch swings; winding dirt roads; mountain vistas; swimming holes; spreading oak trees festooned with Spanish moss; farms; horses, dogs, cats, cows, and wildlife.
I also get to create gorgeous, strong-willed country girls and hunky, dreamy country men. And I say men because they are definitely not boys!
So far, these are the hunks I’ve created in my published and yet to be published novels:
REDNECK P.I. – Harland O’Connor – Thirty years old, six three or four, ripped, tight buns, broad shoulders, tanned, brown messed-up hair with sun-bleached highlights, deep brown eyes with long lashes, square jaw, and the hint of a smirk around his mouth. Raised on a farm in Nebraska.
                 (Pictured on the right below with his twin brother on the left)

KICK ASSITUDE – Tanner Ferrano – Twenty five years old, curly brown hair, blue-gray eyes, dark lashes, even white teeth, five o’clock shadow, deep voice. Works on a cattle farm in Alabama.

       WAY OUT OF LINE – Hal St. Clair – Twenty three years old, tall, teasing gray-green eyes, tanned, broad shoulders and firm chest muscles, unruly blonde hair. Small town Texan.
        CAPRICORN CRAVINGS – Powell Stewart – Thirty five years old, tall, big muscles, wavy brown hair, deep blue eyes with long black lashes, tanned, laughter lines, straight nose, strong jaw, five o’clock shadow, dimples, raspy voice. FBI agent. Mountain climber.
(FIRST in the Astronomy Series – to be published later this year by Soul Mate Publishing).
        THE AQUARIUS ARCANUM – Andre Rossouw – Twenty six years old, stocky build, blonde curly hair, green eyes with dark lashes, square jaw, South African accent. Farmer/engineer.
(Second in the Astronomy Series – still a work in progress.)
I would LOVE to get some feedback from ladies who love reading romance and romantic suspense to help me create my next hunky country man. I’ll give away an e-copy of Redneck P.I. to any woman who gives me new ideas I can use. Write them in the comments section of this blog.
I am excited to see what you come up with!

And any guys reading this, your turn is coming, because in my next blog post, I’ll be asking for guys’ input to help make my sassy country women more exciting.

17 thoughts on “Help Me Create a New Hunky Hero

  1. Lucky you–you get to write about farm boys. They all look good. I got some screams of excitement when I mentioned that my latest hero Ralph was bald.

    You could give your hero a sexy singing voice and let him sing while going about his business. Perhaps a long lean body that belies his ability to toss hay bales as if they weigh nothing. Oh and a self-conscious manner that hides his brilliance?

  2. Trish, I don't know the first word about the countryside, let alone its men. I'm here to support and applaud your initiative, hoping that well-informed colleagues will come up with great ideas.

  3. Speaking personally, I lean toward the craggy-Irish look, thick dark hair and deep blue or slate-gray eyes, and a rich bass voice with a touch of sweetness to it (think Sam Ramey, if you're an opera fan–he's the vocal equivalent of being drowned in dark chocolate). A guy who's had a few tough experiences, grown some armor, and won't admit to the little-boy soft spot still inside him somewhere.

  4. Trish, I definitely go for brains.. not sure how this will fit in with country boy but here goes.. there must be something for the eye too of course.
    Mysterious cloak and dagger type. Inherits colonial English accent from his white Kenyan mother his father met and married after a wild, fiery romance while on a month long polo expedition in that country's heyday.
    He's of average stature, come to bed eyes, a disarming smile that melts the hearts of most ladies.. and does he know it?! His rugged features belie the artist in him and his creative juices, out of control imagination and extraordinary persuasive powers have most of the neighbouring farmers' wives panting, waiting their turn with baited breath to pose for him in the nude. Invariably he seduces them with his proverbial brush only to find extremely irate husbands hot on his trail. A horseman of note, he rides bareback with the ease of the Cheyenne Indian, his flaxen hair blowing carefree in the wind while his powerful thighs grip the stallion in full gallop, while a muscular arm controls it. Those who know watch, mesmerised, longing to be enveloped once again by those strong arms.
    A man of few words and even fewer commitments, hearts fall like leaves of a thirsty rose, broken and bruised around him. Yet, as if by magic, they soon drift back again, fulfilled and blossoming, ripe for the picking.
    Ladies want to kill each other and husbands want to kill him.
    A very spoilt man, he's far too used to having his own way.. and fears not.. except one thing..
    You'll have to read Trish's new novel to find out..

  5. So here are some other comments I got privately:–
    Buns and biceps, and a voice that tickles the spine – Maggie
    My husband though is over weight, is the sexiest man I have ever known. He is gentle, compassionate with gorgeous green/blue eyes, never afraid to do housework or cook, never leaves my side when I am ill and still after 25 years, holds my hand or cuddles me at night or anytime I am afraid This is what I call a sexy man! Compassion. – Rosemary
    I go down to the local fire station and watch the men wash their great big trucks… wet, soapy, shirtless… what's not to love? – Anne
    Too bad kilts are everywhere now because nothing is sexier – especially Gerard Butler! – Linda

  6. Thrish, personally I go for brains. I also think that for many women, the romantic handy man is ideal, at least that is what many single women I know say they fantasize about. So perhaps a strong but not too bulky, brilliant handy man with a great smile and one who brings you flowers and dark chocolates would be a popular character.

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