First Page – Linehan Saves by Bryan Murphy

In this story set in the near future, Seán Linehan, an international football executive, travels to China with a mission to save a group of players and officials from the death by firing squad to which they have been condemned. After his experience in the racist failed state of Padania, Linehan has his own agenda: no longer girls, art and money, but being good. How will he react to the temptations of this future China that range from beautiful young women in see-through burqas to an ancient scroll worth its weight in gold? The second story in the Seán Linehan series. Dark Future, good reading.

Linehan Saves
 Bryan Murphy
Yingnmeng, China, April 2020.
“I want a man! A man!”
Seán Linehan slams the door in the young woman’s face. She takes a step back, stands still for a moment, then adjusts her dress to its most opaque and walks away down the corridor, shaking her head.
Linehan leans back against the other side of the hotel room door and tries to control his breathing. God, she was beautiful. He staggers over to the armchair next to the bed, flops into it, pulls out his phone and calls Mo.
“Show-un! Good to hear you. What can I do for you?”
“A man! I want a man!”
“You don’t like Miss May? Everyone likes Miss May.”
“I want a man,” he groans.
“Miss May is the best we have. Most pretty. Very sweet.”
“A man.”
“You will see. She is an excellent interpreter. The bestest.”
“Look, Mo, I’m here to work. How can I work if my very sweet, most pretty interpreter keeps turning the front of her clothing transparent?”
“You don’t like?”
“Yes, I do. Too damned like. So -“

10 thoughts on “First Page – Linehan Saves by Bryan Murphy

  1. I've seen the cover of this book before, but could not fathom what it was about. I put all of the “Linehan” books on my GoodReads shelf tonight — this looks great! Love your writing style & light tone.

    Thanks for another great profile, Trish!

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