James Patterson’s Private Series

While I go out of my way to buy books by new Indie authors, I also read as many best selling authors as possible. They are the masters and there is so much to learn from their writing. It’s almost like doing homework.

I write romantic suspense, which can also be classified as romance thrillers. While I love to read other romantic suspense authors like Nora Roberts, and Linda Howard, I also love adventure thrillers and mysteries.
James Patterson is the highest paid author in the world at the moment and when you read his books, you can understand why. He has created several unforgettable characters including Alex Cross and Michael Bennett, and although he mainly writes thrillers, he has also written romances and many of his thrillers contain romantic elements.
I have recently been reading the Private Series. Private Berlin had the most terrifying monster one could imagine, and I think Cronus in this one, Private Games, comes a close second.

Peter Knight is a British detective working for the London branch of the international Private Organization, an investigation group headquartered in the US and lead by Jack Morgan. 

Co-written with Mark Sullivan, a best-selling author in his own right, the story revolves around the 2012 Olympic Games, and a madman who calls himself Cronus, who has spent years planning his sabotage tactics, which he carries out with the help of his ‘sisters’–three cold-hearted, depraved Bosnian war criminals whom he dubs ‘the Furies’.

Cronus frustrates Private and the other law enforcement agencies responsible for the security of the games when he is able to pull off a series of terrifying murders with impunity right under their noses.

With the help of Sun reporter, Karen Pope, Knight follows a trail of clues that lead him to a TV character and a female professor who leads a double life, both of whom subsequently disappear. 

The widowed Knight’s efforts are constantly hindered by his inability to find a nanny for his three-year-old twins. Cronus sees this as an opportunity to get close to Knight, and sends one of his ‘sisters’ to apply for the job.

This book is very different from most of Patterson’s works because the entire story is told with a British perspective. If you like thrillers, I definitely recommend this one.

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