Review – No Kiss Good-Night

No Kiss Good-Night

Kevin Zdrill

The Dates from Hell and other Relationship Problems.

Gus Adams experiences an existential crisis when plans to celebrate his 39th birthday fall apart and everyone he has invited cancels at the last minute. He knows he has to do something about his life before he reaches the big 4-0.

A wife would have been there for him, wouldn’t she?

He should know how to enter into a meaningful relationship. He’s a psychotherapist specializing in helping couples work through their problems. But how to go about finding the right woman? He’s been out of the serious dating game for almost ten years.

After some interesting and bizarre experiences with his best (and only) friend Lonny, and his young office assistant Christy, he learns that suits are not cool, and that his best course of action is a telephone dating service.
Each date is totally different from the other, but similar in one aspect only—they are all the dates from hell. Everything that could possibly go wrong does, and he is forced to extricate himself from some utterly absurd and impossible situations.
Eventually, love finds him in an unexpected way (doesn’t it always?) and then, he has to make some difficult decisions, and in the end, the most difficult decision of his life.
Very well-written, witty and amusing, this slightly dark romantic comedy is hard to put down. A must for singles approaching their fortieth birthday or anyone who can remember the torment!
Reviewer: Trish Jackson

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