Review – Only Love Twice

Only Love Twice
Kat Canfield

A Poignant Cross-Cultural Romance.

Lonely widow Madison doesn’t expect to find love a second time around, but when she meets a middle-eastern man named Saleem online through her XXX voyeurism website,  they engage in an online conversation. Both of them feel a special connection despite their obvious religious differences—she is Jewish and he is a Muslim.
They arrange to meet. Madison is forced to confess she is a retired cop and she worries that he might see this as a negative because of the way his culture views women. He in turn discloses that although he was educated in England, and his mother is English, he is a member of the Saudi Arabian royal family, and is a prince.
They realize they are falling in love and he showers her with gifts, while she delights in showing him America and in particular, the deep-south. Since her husband’s death, Madison has reinforced her love of horses and she is thrilled to find out Saleem is also an excellent horseman.
But will the enormous differences in their cultures create obstacles they cannot overcome?
The author had done an amazing job of comparing the two cultures and presents some very thought-provoking factors.

A very sweet and beautiful love story.
Reviewer: Trish Jackson

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