Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

The results of the first round picks for the ABNA were posted today and I’m totally thrilled that my novel, Aquarius Addiction,  has qualified.

This portion of the competition was judged solely on the pitch. The judges didn’t read any part of the manuscript. Here’s mine:

Aquarius Addiction
Anyone who thinks God doesn’t have a macabre sense of humor answer this—why did he bring Andre Rossouw into Arlette’s life on the same day her doctor told her she was about to die?
Attractive FBI Psychic Arlette Xylander displays all the character traits of her star sign, Aquarius, being feisty, eccentric, freedom-loving, flirtatious, rebellious and unpredictable. She may be only five feet tall, but she epitomizes the old adage that dynamite comes in small packages.
Her emotions rage between denial, anger and tears when her doctor tells her she is suffering from a rare terminal disease.  When hunky Andre Rossouw asks her to help find his sister who has been missing for four years, Arlette makes two decisions. To beat the disease and find a cure, and to have wild and passionate sex with him.
Then she finds out he has a fiancée.
Arlette’s country home on the banks of Bayou LeGue was left to her by her mysterious aunt Lucie, whom she never met, and whom her dysfunctional parents have never been willing to discuss. She often wakes in the dark hours of the night to hear ghostly voices downstairs, and wishes she could find out who they are and what they want.
A mysterious letter arrives from her aunt, hinting at a secret in the house, and her friend, Reay, agrees to research her home’s recorded archives, while Arlette plans to dig into her family history. She starts by visiting her aunt’s grave, where she finds a mysterious woman wearing a hooded cloak, who leaves in a hurry.  Arlette’s instincts tell her the woman holds the answers to all her questions, but how can she find her?

 There are five categories and my book is one of 400 finalists in the romance category. In the next round they’ll take a look at the synopsis. I have my fingers and toes crossed. I know my book is well-written and different, but luck does come into the mix, because judges are all human and they have their own opinions, likes and dislikes.


The second round is judged on 5,000 word excerpt, specifically 
a) Overall Strength of Excerpt, b) Prose/Style,

c) Plot/Hook, d) Originality of Idea. 
The top 100 from each genre will advance to the quarter finals. These excerpts will be posted where Amazon customers can download them, read them, and write a review on them.

If anyone is interested, I got this from an ABNA discussion board.
TWITTER PITCH TO AGENTS – On May 25th, 2014, between 8am and 8pm (not sure if that is US Eastern or Pacific time) tweet a blurb for you novel and use #pitmad. Agents will be monitoring the tweets.

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