Review – The Curse of Nefertiti

The Curse of Nefertiti

Charline Ratcliff

Kayla has no recollection of her life before she turned thirteen, but she is plagued by vivid dreams or visualizations of events that took place in ancient Egypt.

On what starts out as a very ordinary night out with her friends, Kayla meets an Italian man named Paulo, who captures her attention in a big way. She cannot shake the feeling that she has known him intimately before, even though she knows they have never met. 

They go to his palatial home and indulge in very romantic and passionate sex. The intensity of their burning desire is like no normal person would experience and they cannot get enough of one another.

Eventually they realize they are the reincarnated persona of Nefertiti and her murdered husband, Akhenaten, whom history blames for a bloody revolution. 

Kayla is given a choice—stay with the love of her life, or go back in time to her country and make things right.

I don’t usually read paranormal fiction, but this story is entertaining and well written, and although the sex scenes may have been a little overdone, they were very well-written and tastefully portrayed. The author also demonstrates exceptional knowledge about the history of Egypt.

*I was given a copy of this novel by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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