My Guest Post on Just Romantic Suspense

I’m thrilled to be on the Just Romantic Suspense blog, and I’m giving away two free copies of CAPRICORN CRAVINGS plus free downloads of the novelette that precedes it, RILEY’S STORY.

My post asks a question — why do you love books by one author and can’t read books by another? Why are some author’s books addictive to you, but other readers don’t enjoy them?

Here is how the post starts —


Trish Jackson

Have you ever participated in (if you are a writer) or seen (if you are a reader) an interview on a blog, radio, TV or some other platform where this question came up—’Why should we buy your book?’

If it’s a non-fiction book, the answer is simple. If your book is called ‘How to Prevent Bullying’, or ‘How to Grow Roses’, it’s a no-brainer.

But what about fiction? What is it that compels us to buy one writer’s works and not another? Why do we like certain books while we can’t even finish others? Even if we like most romantic suspense stories, there are some that just don’t have any appeal.


To read more please click on the link below. I’d love to hear your answers.

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