Another Great Review for Capricorn Cravings

Capricorn Cravings

Review by Christina Renee

Mystery — Intrigue — Action

The book starts of with a bang rather quickly and from that moment, Trish Jackson weaves a tale that keeps you hooked and guessing the next move. The main character, Riley Shaughnessy, finds her quiet world turned upside down in the ensuing chaos. A man has been shot; there’s no evidence. An assistant goes missing; Riley is a person of interest.

When you first meet Riley, she’s quietly meditating in her “spot” when gunshots ring out. Someone falls near her, and once she hears no one is coming towards her, she starts to crawl towards the injured individual. As a veterinarian, she at least can assess injuries and see if she can help. Unfortunately, she has a habit of speaking her mind aloud, so while assessing injuries, she also starts vocalizing her thoughts on the person in front of her. Alas, he wakes and enjoys the commentary, much to her embarrassment. She informs him she’s going to get help, but when she returns, the man has disappeared.

I wont give away more, but I loved how Jackson wove the plot so that you were constantly trying to figure out “who did it” and what would become of Riley, the town, and of those caught in the crossfire. The astrological aspect of the novel was a really nice touch, as there are many people who give credence to what is said in horoscopes and will make decisions, consciously and unconsciously, in relation to those predictions. It also gave Jackson a way to tie in the serial killer.

When I first saw the cover, I figured this would be an intense romance with a little murder and mystery. I was pleasantly surprised by the focus more on the characters, the story line, and the interlacing of romance. It was tasteful, fun, playful, and there were areas of dark and violence. I loved it.

All in all, a highly recommended read. Fast paced easy read that you can do in a few hours if you have the time! I look forward to reading more from Trish Jackson in the future.

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Thank you so much Christina — I really appreciate this lovely review.

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