The Importance of the First Line

Good writers understand the importance of the first line in their novels. Readers these days don’t have a lot of time, and they don’t spend more than a few minutes evaluating  a book. If the first line is boring, they may not continue reading.

I’m currently participating in an assignment to send two alternative first lines to James Patterson. He will choose the most popular — the ones that get the most shares and re-tweets.

Here are mine, from my upcoming novel Virgo’s Vice, which is the third in my Zodiac Series:

1.) I bend down to stroke Allan Dockery’s dog, wondering if I actually hit the ground too hard and died, and none of this is really happening. ‪#‎JamesPattersonCritique‬
2.) I’m shaking so bad I can hardly breathe and I think I’m gonna throw up. I glance back at the others, not really expecting any help from them—they have to all be nuts. #JamesPattersonCritique

Anyone who cares to share this post will be my BFF for ever! I don’t have an Instagram account, so if you do, and you feel like sharing, please go ahead. Thanks very much.

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