FREE Download of Sheer Panic

I’m participating in a free download for review site at Story Cartel for Sheer Panic, my new psychological thriller.

This is a novelette, so it’s about half the length of a normal novel. You can sign up for Story Cartel at absolutely no cost, and choose any number of free ebook downloads, as long as you agree to post a review on Amazon and anywhere else you may decide to place it. You are under no obligation to write a good review if you think the story was badly written, although obviously authors love good reviews.

Click on the link below for more info:

Here are the details:

Have you ever wondered who you are really friending on Facebook?

Breanna Barton’s love life sucks. That’s why she’s staying home and taking care of her eight-year-old niece, Shari over spring break instead of heading over to Panama City for some surf, sun and sex.  

She’s glad college is over for a couple of weeks so she can escape from Roderick, the maintenance man who always seems to seek her out and make twisted comments, and she doesn’t think Dorky Dorian will follow her again after her septuagenarian neighbor’s dog, Panda attacked him. 

The only bad thing about Joaquim, manager of the stable where she keeps her horse, is the fact that he’s nine years older than her. He has the power to make her hot all over just by looking at her.

Out of the blue, she gets a friend request on Facebook from Lance, the boy she was obsessed with at high school. Strange and terrifying incidents start happening. Is she being stalked? And was someone in her bedroom at night while she was sleeping?

Remember, it’s totally free, and I look forward to finding out what you think of it.

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