My creativity took a hiatus for a while, but I’m back now and making some changes. I’m giving up my website. I don’t think people want to wade through pages of information anymore. So info about my books and where to buy them is on the next page, with a link to Amazon, where you will find all the detail you need.

I’m also shutting down my blogspot.com blog, ‘Romance Ramble and Book Babble,’ as it’s enough to have to maintain one site.

My next novel in the Zodiac Series is called Tempestuous Taurus. The name could change, but it’s about Tara-Grace Ericson, who grew up in a small Texas town, on a ranch where her mother ran an equine therapy center.

Everything was looking rosy for the future, but it all changed when Jared, her childhood sweetheart and the love of her life was charged with the brutal murder of her parents.

She didn’t believe he had done it, but then the DNA on the bloody knife matched his, and DNA doesn’t lie, does it?