Tempestuous Taurus

I finally submitted my completed manuscript for Tempestuous Taurus to my wonderful editor, Caroline Tolley https://www.book-editing.com/caroline-t/  at Soul Mate Publishing,  http://soulmatepublishing.com/   and now I wait for her to read through it and find the errors and omissions, and to make suggestions. I’m incredibly lucky to have her, as she edits for several best-selling authors.

The book will be dedicated to all those who do wonderful work in horse therapy.  I never cease to be amazed at the results they achieve with children and adults of all ages. I posted something about it in this blog when I first started writing the story.


This is the premise:

Tempestuous Taurus

Tara-Grace Ericson is driving from Arizona back to her home town Hardship, Texas. Her aunt has recently passed away and left the family home, property and the Taurus Equine Therapy Center to Tara, her brother Cory and her sister Cassie.

Tara is reluctant to go to Hardship because her parents were brutally murdered in the home when she was a teenager, and she still has nightmares about the incident. Her boyfriend at the time, and the only man she ever loved, Jared White, was convicted of the murders and is sitting on death row at the notorious Huntsville State Penitentiary awaiting execution.

Tara wishes her brother in Florida could go instead of her, but his wife, Mel has just had a miscarriage and he doesn’t want to leave her.

Her sister, Cassie took off after their parents’ death at the age of sixteen, and has been missing for nine years.

When Tara arrives at the home in which she grew up, memories flood her mind. A pick-up truck passes her just as she is getting out of her vehicle. The driver looks remarkably like Jared, especially his eyes, that meet and hold her gaze as he passes.

She can’t shake the image of him as she unlocks the house and carries her luggage in.


My next novel is already a work in progress. It is set in Africa, where I was born and grew up, and I’m excited to get back to it.

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