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Hey, I’m stoked you’ve arrived at my blog for whatever reason, and I hope it will benefit you. If you’re looking for free downloads of short stories, please note there is absolutely no catch and I don’t spam people who contact me. (Of course, I’d love you to join my mailing list, so I can let you know when I have published something new.)

I try not to give away my full length novels. For one thing, my publishers would freak out and hit me with a law suit, but apart from that, I invested way too much time and effort on writing them, and they’re worth every meager penny I can make from them.

Every writer has his or her own style that either makes you want to read more, or makes you puke. No not really, but you may give up reading before you get to the end of the book. Obviously, I hope that’s not the case with mine.

I have three totally diverse series:

Zodiac Series: – This is contemporary romantic suspense—basically a suspense thriller with a love story woven into it. It’s not about a dumb couple who fight about silly things and then stay away from one another although all they want to do is fall into bed (or wherever) and get it on.

My stories are a little dark, a little scary, and some include a touch of psychic or paranormal activity, but not enough to be totally impossible. Improbable maybe, but my mom was psychic and she could tell things about people, and see things before they happened.

Combine this with strong women who exhibit all the qualities of their birth signs, and superhot, gorgeous hunky men.

Redneck P.I. Mystery Series: – If you like a good mystery with a heavy dose of humor thrown in, you’ll love Twila Taunton, a self-professed redneck who lives in a small Alabama town and rides a Harley. Her quirky cohorts include (but are not limited to) cool toking Great Aunt Essie, Gasser the farting hacker, and Mad Maddie.

Africa Series – This series goes back to my roots in Africa, which, with its awe-inspiring vistas, diverse peoples and unique wildlife lends itself to suspense and romance.

I love animals, and almost all my stories feature animal characters, which include Aunt Essie’s pot-bellied pig Piggy Sue, Twila’s Cairn Terrier Scratch who rides on the back of the Harley with her, Riley’s palomino Flight-of-Fancy, Arlette’s black cat Marbles, and Jake, the chocolate lab who protects Lexie.

I also try to make my writing move forward at a fast pace with as little meaningless waffling as possible. I’m hoping I’ve given you enough info to make you want to try out one of my books. 😉

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