Great Pictures for Writers

Don’t you just love the pictures on Facebook?  I don’t know where people find them but I’ve been sharing them like crazy with other writers recently, and I thought why not share them on my blog?

This is the first one I really like. It hints at the power we hold in our hands–or should I say in our heads?

I liked this one so much I made it the header on my Twitter page. @trishajauthor 

This is particularly true when writing romance. You’re far less likely to meet anyone in a salad bar. We all know alcohol does tend to make people bolder than normal. It also makes them do crazy things. And who wants to read about normal stuff?

Most writers I know are avid readers and I’m no exception.
Isn’t this one SO apt? Once you’re a writer, everything takes on a totally new meaning and you see things in a different light.

And this call to action is great. Life is such a blessing.  There are only three kinds of people in this world–those who make things happen, those who wait for things to happen, or those who wonder what happened.
Which one will you be?

Are You Using Pinterest?

Pinterest use is growing exponentially, which makes sense because humans are predominantly visual creatures. We use our sense of vision much more than any other of the five (or six) senses. I’ve done quite a lot of searching on Pinterest, and I found not many authors are taking advantage of the exposure it offers. That’s good for me, because I have created several boards showcasing books, including mine, naturally.

I think a lot of people are scared to use Pinterest because it works a little differently and it takes time to learn how to create boards and pins.  Basically, it’s like hanging a cork board on your office wall, and pinning photographs or articles of interest from glossy magazines onto it. Others can repin your pins (select something you have pinned on your board, copy it, and place the copy on their board.) You couldn’t ask for an easier way to advertise. Also, because it is digital, you can add videos.

I’m still learning, but I love what I’ve found out so far. Here’s a screenshot of my profile, showing some of my boards. 

I will be happy to pin anyone’s books onto my boards or help them create their own. 

The titles of mine:

Sizzling Romantic Suspense
Really Funny Romantic Comedy
Awesome Books Set in Africa
Books Worth Buying

I also have a board showcasing each of my own novels, plus a couple of other interesting topics. 

Now I’m starting a board to highlight and link back to my blog postings.

To follow me or access my boards, click on the Pinterest icon at the top right hand side of this blog.

I’d love to include everyone’s books on my boards, so please comment with your Pinterest link or contact info.

More info on how to use Pinterest: