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Affordable Editing, formatting, and other self-publishing help.

I am pleased to offer affordable content editing.

Everyone Needs an Editor

Even the top best-selling authors in the world work with editors, because they know their books have to be as good as it is humanly possible to make them if they want to stay competitive. 

Editing improves the story and sentence flow, and identifies plot holes. It helps authors organize their work and make it clear, articulate, coherent, and compelling.


 Base Fee for 50,000 words or less            $US 200.00

 Per word over after 50,000                        $US     0.02 (2 cents per word)

To calculate your cost, it will be $200.00 if your manuscript is 50,000 words or less.

If it is longer than 50,000 words, multiply the total of additional words by .02 and add the $200.00 for the first 50K words.

Example: for a manuscript of 75,000 words total.

75000 – 50,000 = 25,000

25,000 x .02 = $500.00

$500 + $200 = $700.00 TOTAL COST

Formatting and Uploading

Base fee for 50,000 words or less              $US  100,00

Per word over 50,000                           $US    0.001 (1c per 10 words)

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