Virgo’s Vice Cover Reveal

I just received my cover for the next story in my Zodiac Series, Virgo’s Vice. As always, Soul Mate Publishing’s artists did an amazing job and captured the essence of the story, which is a romantic suspense thriller set in Africa. 

Lexie King can’t believe she did this to herself — she signed up to work as a camera operator in Allan Dockery’s new survival type reality show.

She wanted to prove she could break her reliance on anti-anxiety meds, and make something of herself. But she had no way of knowing he would be there. The monster.

Now all she wants is to get away–as far away as possible. But how? They’re one stop past nowhere in Africa.

When shocking events start to happen, she draws comfort from Jake, the producer’s chocolate lab, and cowboy contestant Billy Murphy, who makes her laugh at the darkest of times, and heats up more than her heart with his touch…

Scheduled for release in October 2015.

Aquarius Addiction Cover Reveal

I;m getting excited about my next novel in the Zodiac Series, Aquarius Addiction, now that the cover is done.

FBI psychic Arlette’s Xylander’s life changes dramatically when her mysterious Aunt Lucie, whom she has never met, dies, and bequeaths two things to Arlette–her country home on the banks of Bayou LeGue, and an ancient spell book. 
Then, on the same day she meets hunky Andre Rossouw, her doctor tells her she’s suffering from a terminal disease. 

The house holds many mysteries, including the ghosts she hears meeting in her dining room in the dark hours of the night, and why is there a gris-gris — the talisman of a voodoo curse — outside in her yard? Could it be something to do with the mysterious, cloaked woman she sees at her aunt’s graveside?

She displays all the character traits of her star sign, Aquarius, being feisty, eccentric, freedom-loving, flirtatious, rebellious and unpredictable, and she determines two things; to beat the odds of the disease, and to have wild and passionate sex with Andre.

Then she finds out he’s engaged.

Get the prologue, Arlette’s Story absolutely free here.  

Backwoods Boogie Countdown…

It’s not long now before Backwoods Boogie is released by my publisher, Uncial Press on November 14th, 2014.  I will be hosting a launch party on Facebook and I’ll give away free downloads of this and the prior books in the Redneck P.I. Series — Redneck P.I and Kick Assitude.

Redneck P.I. has been off the market for a while in e-book format, and it will come back on the same day as Backwoods Boogie and with a brand new, very fancy cover. I think Twila looks pretty tough in it!

(The print version has not changed and will keep its old cover.)

BACKWOODS BOOGIE is getting not one but two covers. As you will see, in the two years that have passed since Redneck P.I. was released, Twila has grown her hair quite a bit and she wears it in a different style.
This is the third book in the Redneck P.I. Mystery Series.

Redneck P.I. Twila Taunton cannot believe she is working for Jimmie-Ray, the man who stood her up on her wedding day. But she can’t allow gentle Pam Taylor to go to prison for a murder she did not commit. Twila sets out to hunt down the real killer, with the help of hacker and mean guitarist Gasser Cunha, her hard-drinking great aunt Essie, and office assistant LaMercy Howard, who reluctantly agrees to go Goth. When she discovers an illegal puppy mill, and a possible dog fighting ring, Twila calls on a vigilante biker gang and her long distance lover, Harland to help. 
Oh… and she might be pregnant. 
20% of the author’s proceeds will be donated to the ASPCA to aid in their fight against the disgusting cruelty and deplorable conditions of illegal puppy mills in the US.

Click on the Link below to get your copy:

Pre-Release Reviews for Backwoods Boogie

I’m very thankful for the wonderful people who have taken the time to read and review Backwoods Boogie, my upcoming third book on the Redneck P.I. Series. A couple of people are still reading it, and here are the ones that have been posted on Goodreads only because it won’t be available on Amazon until November 14th.

Here is the pre-order link for Amazon:
Backwoods Boogie

Twila Taunton, redneck detective, reluctantly joins forces with her ex-fiancée to solve the mysterious murder of British resident, Janice Woodward.

Sensing an innocent woman was setup for the crime, Twila assembles a small group of trusted friends and specialists to dig deep and unearth the truth, and needs all her sass and guile to overcome the many challenges they hit along the way.
Backwoods Boogie, the third in the Redneck Series, is a fast-paced journey that spans America’s Deep South to the rainy reaches of Northern Europe, and keeps you reading on and guessing throughout. The characters are wonderfully vivid and you’re transported directly into their gritty setting, observing them first-hand as they slowly piece together the puzzle – but can they do it in time?
This book will appeal to anyone who enjoys well-written detective stories and wily whodunits.

Lee Bullen, Author, UK
If you are looking for a delightful story packed full of an eclectic group of witty characters, Backwoods Boogie is the book for you.

Twila Taunton, self proclaimed detective of the Redneck P.I. Agency, is hired to help her friend Pam Taylor. Pam has been imprisoned for a murder Twila is sure she didn’t commit. To make matters worse Pam’s attorney is Jimmie-Ray, the man that left Twila standing at the alter.

Murder, Motorcycles, Aunts Gone Goth and Baby Scares, Oh My!

Flat out Fun! Trish Jackson once agains provides a captivating cast that will having you laughing out loud. A perfect balance of mystery, sexual spice and action makesBackwoods Boogie a wonderfully engaging read. 

Beth at Tome Tender Blog


I was pleasantly surprised by Backwoods Boogie. To be honest, I’m not usually a fan of real hard-core country books but for the most part I didn’t mind it in this one. At times, Twila’s rather butch demeanour did get on my nerves but the story was fast-paced enough that I quickly got over it. This book reminded me a little of Charlene Harris and her writing style so if you’re a fan of hers you should enjoy this one.

I did quite like how the last page of every chapter contained a perspective from another character, it did fill in a lot of the plot and provide insight and depth into the characters. The supporting cast was fun.

I don’t quite see why Twila had to travel to London, I think that was perhaps my least favourite part of the book but it was brief. The plot was captivating and action-packed for the rest of the book I thought.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this. It was fun and wild and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good mystery with a hint of romance and a lot of crazy

Jules dePlume, Author

Thanks to those three wonderful people, and I’ll be adding more when they come. Currently there are two others reading a pre-release version.

My Inteview on Blog Talk Radio

I had my first interview on Blog Talk Radio last night.  Trish Jackson, Capricorn Cravings on Writer’s Alive with John Byk in the USA and and co-host Marta Merajver in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I have to admit I was I am not accustomed to speaking in public. My books are fiction and they don’t address any one particular subject that I could travel around and speak about.

I had a blast, and I was so impressed with the questions both interviewers came up with, and in particular, Marta.

Here’s a recording of the interview:

Trish Jackson and Capricorn Cravings 06/22 by John H Byk and Marta Merajver | Books Podcasts

First Page – Aquarius Addiction by Trish Jackson

Aquarius Addiction

Trish Jackson
(To be released by my publisher Soul Mate Publishing just in time for Christmas 2014!)

     “I am not dying,” Arlette Xylander banged her hands on the steering wheel and yelled out loud. “I don’t have to believe it.” She dug in her handbag for a tissue and dabbed at the angry tears. She found a space, pulled to a halt in the parking lot and blew her nose. She let out a gut-wrenching sob and forced back others that wanted to follow.

     She sneered at herself in the mirror. “Get a grip. Now your face is a total mess.”

     The label on the eyedrops said they would get the red out. She poured liberal amounts into both eyes, and with shaking hands, she wiped the mascara that had run down her cheeks, her jaw clamped tight. She had to stop her hands from shaking, but how? Her whole body was still reverberating from the shock. Her mouth was dry and her stomach clenched tight.

     She took a deep breath, and another. Would nothing slow down her racing heartbeats? She threw her head back and rested it on the back of the seat. Tears threatened again, but she forced them back.

     Still fighting to control her runaway emotions, she thrust her feet into the red high heel sandals and jumped down from the truck, dragging her handbag with her. She took a few more deep breaths and squared her shoulders.

     A few minutes later she entered the red brick FBI building on shaky legs, and, after showing her ID to security, headed for the elevator.

    She peered through the glass door of Chad Kingsley’s office. Another man sat across from him, with his back to the door.

     She unclenched her fists and flexed her fingers, and took a few more deep breaths before she knocked. Chad lifted his gaze from the paperwork, and beckoned. She opened the door and stepped inside, closing it carefully behind her.

     “Arlette. Thanks for coming in so quickly. Let me introduce you.” His open palm pointed to the stranger, who stood up and turned around to face her.

     His dark blonde untidy hair framed a square jaw and straight nose. He was heart-stoppingly handsome.

     “Andre Rossouw,” his gray-green eyes flicked across her breasts before he lifted them to stare into her face. She noticed an old scar running from the corner of his right eye across his cheek. It didn’t detract from his good looks, but rather it made him more interesting. Make that stand-and-stare-with-your-mouth-open handsome. She closed her mouth and took the offered hand.

     “This is Arlette Xylander,” she heard Chad speak, but she felt like she was underwater. “The psychic I told you about.”

     He held onto her hand for a few seconds more than necessary. “I didn’t expect you to be so…” he said, and slowly released his grip.

Backwoods Boogie – Cover Reveal

Backwoods Boogie, the third in my Redneck Series of romantic suspense/comedy novels is due to be released by my publisher in the fall of 2014.

Redneck P.I. Twila Taunton cannot believe she is working for Jimmie-Ray, the man who stood her up on her wedding day.  But she can’t allow gentle Pam Taylor to go to prison for a murder she did not commit. 

Twila sets out to hunt down the real killer, with the help of hacker and mean guitarist Gasser Cunha; her hard-drinking great aunt Essie; and office assistant LaMercy Howard, who reluctantly agrees to go Goth. 

When she discovers an illegal puppy mill, and a possible dog fighting ring, Twila calls on a vigilante biker gang and her long distance lover, Harland to help.

Oh… and she might be pregnant. 

Yesterday my editor sent me the cover concept and I love it!!

I’m giving away FREE DOWNLOADS  of Redneck P.I. for a limited time. Click here

I discussed it on my recent posting on Sooz Buchanan’s blog.

Every Writer Needs a Good Editor

“Trish is the corner man every author should have in the publishing ring.” I was thrilled to get this wonderful review from Canadian Kevin Zdrill after I helped him with his newest novel Crazy Mixed-up World. (Click here to buy it on

“I found Trish by chance while searching the web for an individual who could provide my fiction novel a critical and polished editorial assessment. My chance discovery with Trish was an author’s dream. Trish is a caring, passionate individual with profound editorial skills, a tremendous depth of knowledge in the publishing industry and possesses an amazing warmth to go the extra mile teaching and assisting me with my book to bring it up to industry standards. Having Trish involved with my book validated it had reached its potential as a creditable novel.
A tremendous distinction that separates Trish from so many other editors is that she is a highly accomplished author. Her insight into the industry is timely and relevant.
Any author who has the ambition to elevate the polish of their novel will achieve this goal under the guidance of Trish and her services. My experience with Trish exceeds any university course on writing, marketing and publishing. Trish is a one room classroom that will teach an author on all the aspects required to help in the success of a challenging publishing world. Like any champion boxer, Trish is the corner man every author should have in the publishing ring.”


Meet my Main Character — Twila, Redneck P.I.

Thank you so much Maggie Tideswell for inviting me to join this blog hop. Maggie’s posting about her new main character in Ben: Roxanne’s Ghost is here. She writes paranormal romance, and if you like things that go bump in the night, you’ll love her stories.

My good friend Marta Merajver also asked me to participate and I let her down badly. She is a wonderful writer. Check out her post here.

1) What is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or a historic person? 

The story I am showcasing is Backwoods Boogie, the third in my Redneck P.I. Series. Twila Taunton is a redneck and proud of it, so proud that she has named her private investigation business REDNECK P. I. She is fictional, of course.

2) When and where is the story set? 

It takes place in today’s world, in the small, Southern town of Quisby, Alabama.

3) What should we know about him/her? 

Twila is tough on those who do her wrong, but compassionate to the underdogs of her world. She is in love (but refuses to admit it) with hunky Harland O’Connor, but… he lives far away on his family farm in Nebraska.

4) What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life? 

Due to some very steamy make-up sex in the barn with Harland, Twila thinks she may be pregnant, which would be a disaster for her because she is never getting married.  Jimmie-Ray, her childhood sweetheart stood her up on their wedding day and she will never put herself in that position again. Now she finds herself actually having to work for the asshole, despite all her best intentions. He is the attorney representing the gentle Brit, Pam Taylor, who has been set up as the perpetrator of a gruesome murder. Twila has no faith in Jimmie-Ray, and cannot allow Pam to go to jail for the rest of her life.

5) What is the personal goal of the character? 

Twila has to find the real killer so Pam can be exonerated. In the course of her investigation, she comes across an illegal puppy mill, where a large number of dogs are living in squalor with little food and no veterinary care. When one of the dogs looks into her eyes, she knows she has to rescue them, but going the legal route will take way too long. She calls on her quirky friends to help–Harley-riding Great Aunt Essie, master hacker, songwriter, and farter of note, Gasser Cunha, and her office assistant LaMercy with the big afro, who reluctantly agrees to go Goth.

6) Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it? 

The title BACKWOODS BOOGIE will remain in force. There’s more about it and the preceding two books in the series at my website. I’m also currently giving away FREE downloads of the first book in the series, Redneck P.I. for a limited time, details on my website.

7) When can we expect the book to be published? 

My publisher, Uncial Press will release this story in the fall of 2014.

Five other wonderful writers will post their Meet my Main Character information on May 25th. Their blogs can be seen here:

Cynthia Ainsworthe 
Diana Hawkins 
Mary Patterson  Thornburg
Anna Othitis

Great Pictures for Writers

Don’t you just love the pictures on Facebook?  I don’t know where people find them but I’ve been sharing them like crazy with other writers recently, and I thought why not share them on my blog?

This is the first one I really like. It hints at the power we hold in our hands–or should I say in our heads?

I liked this one so much I made it the header on my Twitter page. @trishajauthor 

This is particularly true when writing romance. You’re far less likely to meet anyone in a salad bar. We all know alcohol does tend to make people bolder than normal. It also makes them do crazy things. And who wants to read about normal stuff?

Most writers I know are avid readers and I’m no exception.
Isn’t this one SO apt? Once you’re a writer, everything takes on a totally new meaning and you see things in a different light.

And this call to action is great. Life is such a blessing.  There are only three kinds of people in this world–those who make things happen, those who wait for things to happen, or those who wonder what happened.
Which one will you be?