Way Out of Line Trailer

My next task in the publishing process is to create a trailer and publish it on Youtube. 

This is the trailer I made for Redneck P.I. I think it’s great, and the music was perfect.

I have a Facebook page for Redneck P.I. and would love to hear comments and of course I love getting likes. http://www.facebook.com/redneckpi

I welcome suggestions from writers who have created their own trailers, but I think I have made a pretty good start.

I am planning to use African music for Way Out of Line since a lot of the action takes place in Mozambique, with gorgeous sunsets, tropical thunderstorms, flooded rivers and of course, African wildlife. 

My website tells more: www.trishjackson.com

Way Out of Line

My romantic suspense novel–Way Out of Line–is in the publishing process and due for release in May, 2011.
I received the ARC–Author’s Review Copy–a couple of weeks ago from my publisher Jude at Uncial Press. I have read it through twice and completed all corrections. It looks wonderful. Jude’s a great editor and I am eternally thankful for the day she accepted the submission of “Redneck P.I.” in 2010. 

I like everything about the novel now in its final state. I wrote it a long time ago and published it through Publish America in 2004. The publishing process was quite different as they did not provide any editing at all. I just had to bumble through the process myself, which I absolutely do not recommend for any author. It is essential to have fresh eyes on the manuscript to pick up errors, and now that I have had a professional editor, I would say that is another essential. The other thing I really didn’t like about the publishing process at that time was the exorbitant retail price Publish America put on the book. 

It always was a great love story with sizzling love scenes mixed with gobs of suspense and nail biting tension, but what I love the most about it is that every time I read the ending, I cry–and I know what’s coming! 

Jude also cried, and she reads several books every day. 

Jude is working on the corrections, and once I get the final ARC I’ll start submitting it to reviewers. I need as many reviews (hopefully positive reviews) as I can get, and I also need quotes to use on the back cover. 

Romantic Suspense

I write romantic suspense–stories where sizzling hot romance is coupled with fast moving action, mystery and tension. 
I love writing and have been actively creating written pieces for more than twenty years. My first novel was published in 2004 by Publish America. People who read “Way Out of Line” gave me plenty of encouraging feedback, but although I continued to write, things that were happening in my life at the time prevented me from publishing any more novels until 2011. 
Redneck P.I., published by Uncial Press in March 2011, tells the story of a Twila, a self-professed redneck woman, who becomes involved with Harland O’Connor, a private investigator in Boston, Massachusetts. She pinch hits for him when he is laid up after being shot and wounded, and solves his cases redneck style, with the help of her neighbor, Gasser Cunha and Harley riding, pot smoking Great Aunt Essie. 

I’m currently working on the sequel, “Kick-Assitude”.

I’m very excited to announce that the second printing of Way Out of Line is due to be released by Uncial Press in may 2012. Trent and Hal meet and fall helplessly in love. Before they know what’s hit them, Hal finds himself in prison, convicted of statutory rape. Trent blames herself and after almost failing high school, she stumbles through college and eventually drops out to join a cult. Hal escapes from prison and makes a new life in Zimbabwe, Africa.  Trent is kidnapped and taken to a remote part of Mozambique, Africa by a militant group. Hal and his friend Demetrio mount a rescue operation…

I will feature interviews with other romance writers on this blog, and also authors who have published books about Africa. 

Africa is savage, wild and exotically beautiful and captivates people with its vibrancy. I was born and raised in Rhodesia–now Zimbabwe–and although I love my life in the USA, the yearning for Africa is always present. It will always be a part of me and I will always be compelled to go back to visit.