Kick Assitude

I just signed the contract with Uncial Press for my next novel, “Kick Assitude”. Yay!

This is the sequel to Redneck P.I.

Twila is back in her home town Quisby, Alabama, running her own detective agency. Her most pressing mission is to find her mother’s murderers and bring them to justice. Working on a tip, she starts by trying to solve the mystery of the man, known only as “The Drifter”, who hobnobbed with the high society fraternity and frequented the parties at John Quisby’s mansion. Before he was murdered twenty five years previously, he was said to have hidden millions of dollars some place in Quisby.

She is adopted by a dog named Scratch, who rides around with her on her Harley wearing a studded black leather collar, and helps to protect her. Aunt Essie helps her solve a major problem that ultimately leads to the apprehension of the bad guys.

Jimmie-Ray, the man who jilted her and made her distrust all men, comes back into her life and she finds she is still angry with him:-

“The last time I saw you, you were where I like to see you–writhing around on the floor with a ball ache.” I turned away and swallowed all that was left of my beer, annoyed with myself at the strength of my anger.
“Twila, that was a long time ago. It’s time to forgive and forget. Annie and I are not even together anymore.”
I turned and looked him up and down like the piece of trash that he was. Scratch’s hair was standing up on his back and he was growling and showing his teeth. I pulled a couple of twenties out of my backpack and threw them on the counter. “C’mon Scratch, let’s get out of here. The quality of the place just went down.”

And… Twila has another romantic interest in sexy young cowboy, Tanner Ferrano. Does she succumb to his charms or will she stay true to Harland?

Uncial Press Releases "Way Out of Line"

Way Out of Line was released Friday May 18th as an eBook by my publisher, Uncial press.

It’s available there– and also at Amazon, AllRomance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Fictionwise.

Two Kids from Texas–a sizzling romance–one stupid mistake, intrigue, terror and undying love culminate in the vast African wilderness…

Trent lied about her age, Hal was convicted of statutory rape. Two lives, ruined.

Despite a brutal existence in prison, a desperate escape and a chance for a new life in Africa, Hal never forgets his first love. If only there were some way he could return home, return to Trent. Never, warns his wise friend Demetrio, reminding Hal that they are escaped felons, and to be caught is to go back to prison.

Trent can’t forget Hal, nor can she forgive herself for his fate. The future holds no promise and finally she seeks solace and expiation in a cult calling itself The Church of Hallowed Revelation. Her parents seek to have her deprogrammed, but instead lose her to ruthless kidnappers, who hold her in their African headquarters until her ransom is paid. Seeking a hostage held by a quasi-military faction, Hal and Demetrio head into the wilderness.

At the end of their quest is violence, death, and–just perhaps–another chance for Hal and Trent.

Check out the trailer on my previous post.

The print version will be available soon.

Way Out of Line

My novel is due for release in two days.

I’m very excited that the culmination of many, many hours of hard word writing, editing, and re-editing will finally be here.

Thanks to my wonderful publisher and editor Jude for all her help–I’ve learned so much from you and will always be thankful.

Show-Don’t Tell

Fiction writers know this is a premise of good writing, but what does it really mean?
A writer can show rather than tell in two major different ways–action or dialogue. To illustrate, I’ve used excerpts from the novel I’m currently working on, To the Limit.
Telling: She saddled her mare. 
            Her dog, Axe, raced toward the mare and nipped at her heels. The horse turned and cantered toward the dog, head low and teeth bared. He tucked his tail in tight and raced back to Riley. Obviously seeking her protection, he stood between her legs and stared up at the horse, who had come to a stiff-legged halt in front of them. “That’s enough playing, you guys.” Riley reached  out and stroked the muscled neck, slid the halter over the horse’s nose and ears and fastened the buckle.
Back in the barn, Riley brushed her until her coat gleamed like liquid gold, and lifted each hoof in turn to clean them out with a hoofpick. She smoothed the saddle blanket on the mare’s back and hefted the saddle on top of it. She slid it around until she was satisfied it was seated correctly. The mare flattened her ears and nipped the air when Riley pulled the cinch tight. She loosened the halter, slipped the bit into the horse’s mouth and gently pulled the bridle over her ears.
Telling: The rain sheeted down and Riley suggested they head for a nearby cowboy cabin.  
Rain pelted down in heavy drops that stung when they landed. Lightning bolts split the sky all around them. Riley pulled the mare to a halt and turned to him. “You should have gone and left me here.” She shouted over the deluge.
“We need to find some shelter,” he yelled back.
“There’s a cowboy cabin up ahead. The roof probably leaks, but it’ll help a little.” Lightning lit up the sky on the ridge in front of them and thunder boomed. The mare threw her head up and danced sideways.
“Go on, lead the way. That was a little too close for comfort. I’ll follow you.” He waved her ahead.
She stroked the mare to calm her and urged her forward. After a few minutes, the cabin came into view, fuzzy through the sheeting rain. She dismounted and he took the reins from her.