The Romance Genre

Romance authors write about something everyone seeks in their lives, which is probably why romance is the most widely read genre in the world.
Love is something we all crave. We are ecstatic when we find it and devastated when we lose it.
A true romance novel is a story woven around two people who fall in love. 
Technically it is always supposed to have a satisfying ending. This is not always the case, though. Some exceptional romances have endings that make you cry–take Doctor Zhivago and Gone with the Wind. No one could dispute the fact that they are both romances.

The romance genre is categorized in a wide array of sub-genres, which help readers choose stories that best suit their personal interests and comfort zone. Romance sub-genres include Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Medieval Romance, Futuristic Romance, and Romantic Suspense. Many of these sub-genres have their own sub-genres: Western Romance, and Regency Romance both fall under the  Historical Romance category.

Romance novels can have varying degrees of intimacy and sexual content, from kissing and holding hands in the Young Adult genre, to the explicit scenes found in Erotica. While some readers are content for their characters to make love behind closed doors, for others, a book without an explicit love scene is disappointing.
With so many choices, how does a writer choose which genre to write about?
In my case, I did not sit down and say to myself “I think I’ll write a romantic suspense novel.”
No–when I started writing, the characters came to life in my head and told me what to write. It ended up being romantic suspense, and so did the next novel, and the next one. 
Romantic suspense novels incorporate suspense, murder mysteries, sleuthing, action and adventure into the lives of the two people who fall in love.
That’s what I love to read, and write. In Redneck P.I. and its sequel, Kick Assitude I added a comedic slant, which worked for me, and I’ve had some really great comments from readers, so I think it worked for the readers too.
Way Out of Line is more serious. Having been born and raised in Africa, I have to write about it and other novels still in my computer also see action there.
My other love is horses, and my next novel, “To the Limit” is about a veterinarian with a palomino mare.
I’d love to hear from others about their chosen genres.

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