Way out of Line is not a traditional romance. I’ve always known this, and my publisher knew it but she decided to take a chance on it and since I already write romantic suspense, that’s what we called it. 

It definitely is a love story, but in a true romance novel, the primary female character is the most important person in the novel, and the story revolves around her and her interactions with the hunky male character, who is always really gorgeous. 

This review, by Sandra Scholes of Love, Romance, Passion is very accurate. She picked up on the fact that when I wrote this story, more than ten years ago, I was actually more sympathetic to Hal than to Trent. Instead of being the almost impossibly handsome bad boy we find in most romance novels, Hal is just an ordinary guy–like the guy next door. 
Trent is a spoiled brat, and she causes Hal indescribable pain, but in the end, after suffering some frightening events herself, she is forced to mature. 
The one thing that is central to the story is their love for one another, which eventually triumphs over evil and erases the pain and suffering. 
So, while this book probably doesn’t really fit into the romantic suspense genre, it is undoubtedly a love story.

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