This Author has Kickassitude

I LOVE this interview with Mary Metcalfe. She is great and has a fabulous blog.

My guest author this week is Trish Jackson. Trish has the singular honour of being the first author I’ve interviewed who knows how to shoot a UZI submachine gun, let alone sleep with it under her bed. There must be a book in there somewhere. But, for today, welcome Trish! Tell us a bit about what you’re working on these days.

First, a big thank you to you, Mary for having me on your blog and for asking such thought-provoking questions.

I’m currently writing a new romantic suspense novel, Impassioned. This is a very intense story revolving around my protagonist’s relationship with a serial killer. I’m also working on edit-1 from my publisher of my upcoming romantic suspense/comedy novel Kickassitude. This is a sequel to Redneck P.I. and every time I read it again, it makes me smile.

Are you character driven or plot driven?

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