First Page – Front Row Center by Cynthia Ainsworthe

Their attraction was electric, their affair explosive, and their love—devastating to the lives of others.

It all starts at a concert. Taylor Allen, a happily married businesswoman, finds herself attracted to a very popular singing idol. Larry Davis, a world-renowned singer and bachelor, who feels his only love is his music; is drawn to Taylor at one of his concerts. She sits in the front row, center seat when their eyes meet. They both feel electricity pass between them. Is this the beginning of love veiled in lust?
IPPY Award-Winning Novel
By Cynthia B. Ainsworthe

Chapter 1

            “How many major cities in the U.S. does your Farewell Tour cover, Larry?”
            “Quite a few.” America’s sexiest heartthrob sat with ease in the guest chair.
            The large, flat screen television over the ornate marble fireplace broadcast “Morning Now” and piqued Taylor Allen’s interest immediately.
            “Larry, you’re known the world over as a superstar singer and composer, famous for haunting melodies and dramatic lyrics, not to mention your overwhelming sex appeal with women. Your performances are never short of explosive, generating a wealth of emotions from the audience.” Kimberly Johns was warm and approachable; the perfect interviewer to represent the interests of his female fans. Kimberly looked Larry over as if he’d be the main course as well as dessert. The effect he had on women was incomparable.
            “Thanks for the compliment. I’m just another singer who writes music.”
            His humility was rewarded with oohs and aahs from the live audience. Larry smiled in response.
            “You’re very modest, but you’re far from just another singer. You’re Larry Davis. What are some of those cities on your tour?”
His smile made Kimberly giggle.
“The tour is called ‘Larry Davis—A Night to Remember’ and, it’s really quite extensive. I have scheduled performances in thirty-five cities.” His voice defied his New York roots and spoke as a person well-traveled. “To name a few … I have already performed in fifteen cities in Great Britain. I toured New England … now, I’m here in New York at Madison Square Garden. Next the East Coast, including Tampa and Miami, many cities in the Midwest and the West Coast; ending in Las Vegas.” Larry handled interviews with the style and grace of a trained public speaker, the same qualities that he demonstrated during his performances. “We purposely chose an arena venue for these concerts, to allow as many fans as possible to see the performance.”

            Larry exuded charm and an easygoing manner. Taylor was intrigued. She turned away from her laptop and the weekly July sales’ reports for Gérard’s clothing stores, stood up, and walked to the television for a closer look at the amazing entertainer with his breathtaking good…

6 thoughts on “First Page – Front Row Center by Cynthia Ainsworthe

  1. Cynthia, I have always loved the cover of your book and title and now further intrigued to read the first page. Looking forward to buying your book soon and settling down with a cup of tea with this charming story.

    Thank you Trish for hosting the first page of Cynthia's book, this is very helpful for the reader.

  2. Martha, Thank you so very much for your wonderful comments and compliments. I'm delighted you enjoyed the peek into Front Row Center.

    Trish, Thank you so very, very much for including me in your blog project. You presented my work beautifully.

  3. Cynthia has a nice-and-easy writing style. Reading page one of her novel was akin to having a girlfriend relay a personal story… only she had to leave before getting to the really “good stuff.” Definitely want to hear the rest of the story. Well done!

  4. Cynthia, I'm reading your book, so this is my second sampling of the first page. Your starting the story in media res makes it attractive and intriguing, so this is a book I'm recommending although I haven't reached the end yet. I know I won't be disappointed.
    Trish, thank you for yet another talented writer on your blog.

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